I don’t like to write about politics in the blog because it is mostly spiritual, but I do feel that it is necessary for me to air my political views during this most important of election season.

I personally do not believe that a man, who condones post-birth abortions and wants to turn our cities into Hoovervilles should be voted in for President of the United States. What we need now is a solid New Deal to get us out of this mess and not tax cuts. McCain wants to help fix our country. The only thing that Barack Hussein Obama can talk about is “change” that is not really change.

We are living in tremendously extraordinary times and our votes should land on the side of the candidate that is closest to the beliefs of Holy Mother Church. It is a moral obligation on our part to vote. Therefore, we must vote for the candidate that best represents the views of Holy Mother Church. That candidate is not Barack Obama because he silently condones abortion and wants to end a war that is not only about Iraq or Afghanistan. The war on terrorism is about the very survival of Western civilization. 

I know some of you don’t want to hear the above, but it is. We are not fighting a known enemy or country like in past wars. Rather, we are fighting against a religion that from its foundation has espoused violence. Our Lord and His apostles converted the world peacefully, while Mohammed converted the world through the sword. The only reason why Islam calls itself “a religion of peace” is because one finds peace through submitting through Allah. But that submission means accepting everything that has been taught in the Quran.

Countless countries across Europe are being innundated with Muslim immigrants from Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. They are bringing their reactionary world views with them. Will we stand by innocently and do nothing against them? Will we complacently close our eyes? No! We cannot in good conscience ignore dangers that are much more corrosive than anything we have ever faced.

By continuing the war, we will be able to fight against the terrorists. I know and understand that the war is stupid and pointless, but it isn’t if we understand our enemies.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!