Introduce yourself!

The Marriage at Cana

The Marriage at Cana

I’m always curious to know who my readers are. Therefore, I have set up this page to find about YOU!

If you read this blog regularly, please answer whichever of the following questions apply to you.

1. What is your name and where are you from?

2. Tell me about your spiritual background. If you’re a convert, how did you come to the Faith? If you’re a revert, what brought you back?

3. Is there a book that has impacted your life besides the Bible? What is it and why is it so good?

4. What is your typical day like? What part of the day do you feel closest to God?

5. If you attend a TLM (Tridentine Latin Mass), tell me a little about your parish and where it is located? If you attend an English Mass,  tell me about your diocese?

6. Have you ever thought of a vocation to the priesthood or religious life? Is there a particular Order, you feel attracted to? Why?

God bless you for your interests and keep reading!

Brother Juniper


21 thoughts on “Introduce yourself!”

  1. Dear Brother Juniper:

    Thank you for your website. I find it of great benefit to myself as I try to build my prayer life.

    My name is Juan Mendoza, from Salinas, CA. I attend the Traditional Latin Mass at San Juan Bautista, CA in the Diocese of Monterey. We just started having it last year on the Feast of SS Peter and Paul. As the Franciscan founded the Missions in CA, I always try to read up on the Franciscan Saints.

    I would be also interested in the Francican Calendar that you said you could pass on. Thank you very much!

    • brotherjuniper said:


      Thank you so much for being the first to introduce yourself. I’m glad that this site is of benefit to you.

      Also, I’m glad to hear that there is a TLM in Monterey.

      Please come back often!

      Brother Juniper

  2. Dear Brother Juniper,

    My name is Richard Donley Fox and I live in Phoenix Arizona. I am a new Catholic. In 2002, St. Philomena came into my life, and, really took over. In a matter of a year, against all odds, I chose be become a Christian. The Catholic Church seemed a natural for me, so that is where I chose to go. I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil in 2004.

    That spring, I met Marie Burns, or rather, she found me. She lives in Scotland and was the Director General of the Universal Arch confraternity of Saint Philomena. She invited me to submit a bid to re-design the website for the shrine in Italy, The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena. Even thought I do that for a profession, ( naturally, my St. Philomena had my heart by then, so, I did it, as a contribution to the cause.

    The Rector and Marie Burns came to Phoenix to meet me that fall and they paid my way for me to visit the shrine that very next January 2005, exactly this weekend, the one that marks the day we celebrate the St. Philomena’s birthday.

    Because I am a new Catholic and rather obsessive when it comet to my enthusiasm and desire and great lust for learning all things possible in all subjects I take an interest in, I dove into researching St. Philomena.

    I amassed a huge body of work, digested it and used it to design, develop, craft and build the Sanctuary’s website, which is all my work you see there today.

    Marie Burns and I also embarked in a huge fundraising effort for the Rector. To repair the dome, install memorial tiles, etc. Last year when people had asked what he had done with the some eighty thousand dollars that made up their many donations for the dome repair, which was still not yet completed, and the tile project for which some seven thousand dollars had been donated. When I asked the Rector what he had done with the money and when the projects were to begin, since the bulk of the money had been in his possession for nearly two years, his response what that it is none of my business.

    I was not happy with that answer and pursued the issue, after all, I had many people asking me the questions and I needed answers to tell them what was being done with their donation.

    By the end of March I sent him an email telling him I cannot work under such deceptive circumstances and he then turned away from me and hired a web company in Italy to take control of his site, locking me out and essentially firing me.

    In the mean time as that door closed, yet another St. Philomena related door swung open.

    Thru a second party quite by accident, I was approached with the notion of becoming the webmaster for the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena.

    Well, in 2004, I thought it pretty cool, the notion for working for this new saint (new to me) and now, very excited at the notion of working for the cause of Our Lady and the rosary and the saint too.

    Long and winding story short, I am now the webmaster for the ULRA,>/a>

    So, all the research and work I did for the shrine in Italy, which within this year of being abandoned, has become stale and out-dated, is now much expanded, updated and published on the ULRA website. Now, it seems, in addition to helping others introduce so many to my favorite saint, I am also a part of a massive move to get millions of new people reciting the Rosary. In the short time I have been the new webmaster, I have witnessed the new members swell by over a hundred thousand new ones, which is in just a couple months. Those are new members, signed up and dedicated to at lease their assigned decade a day. That is a lot of new people.

    I have never seen anything growing this fast in my life, and certainly at a time when our poor world is in need of the saving grace the Rosary can bring about.

    So, in about five years really, here I am off the street, happy not being Christian, to being Catholic and working for one, then another organization that is intent on saving souls.

    Unlikely, crazy as it sounds, but true, none-the-less.

    Oh yes, the book that has impacted my life more than any, other than the Bible, is the “Imitation of Christ”. Wow, I read it and was blown away, but after reading it, then studying it over and over; it really has had more of an influence on my life than any other book.

    One of the craziest parts of my story that is rather personal, is I felt motivated to live a completely celibate life. Now, since becoming Catholic, I have learned there is a rather loose definition of that amongst Catholic men.

    Well, Brother Juniper, in my opinion, there is really only one version of celibacy, and that is complete and absolute. I mean total, and absolute, all-the-way, in all forms. No sex, no way, shape for or flimsy excuse, none, not at all. In my opinion it is like being sort of pregnant. You are either completely celibate or you are not at all.

    I am now approaching my eighth year anniversary of that choice. And I have to tell you that it has impacted my prayer life profoundly. I go to mass an hour early, because when I go into prayer, I leave this world and it makes the mass for me, much more profound.

    I am in Rosary every night. It takes an hour and I cannot go to bed unless I have spent my hour in Rosary, no exception. The reason it takes me so long is because I am in the arms of God my Father, that hour, and I am in no hurry to leave Him, when I am with him. Plus, in between each decade I also add the Chaplet of St. Philomena and the prayer for the poor souls in Purgatory.

    Have I ever considered the vocation of priesthood. No.

    That simple. I am too old to think of a new beginning in a new career, first of all, now at age 58.

    If you look at my website, you will see I had a whole career working for politicians, top politicians in this state, county and city. No, I have had my fill of politics. And after my experience with the priest in Italy, well, sorry, I love them, I pray for them, but, have no desire to be one of them.

    I love your website and find great peace in reading all the articles and stories here and felt this night, was the night, the day we celebrate the birthday of Saint Philomena, to share my story, with you.

    By-the-way, we sent out our very first e-newsletter yesterday, on the anniversary of the day Pauline Jaricot died. You can read that e-newsletter online at:

  3. brotherjuniper said:

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you so much for the heartening story.

    St. Philomena also played a wonderful role in my conversion to the Catholic Church and I am currently a member of the ULRA. That organization and St. Philomena have worked miracles for millions of people such ourselves all over the world.

    I have visited the ULRA website several times and it is truly a work of love. Your wonderful designs show through every page and so does your love for St. Philomena.

    I wanted to let you know that Mrs. Patti Melvin’s sister was a person who saved my life many years ago. She is a sister with the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI). She was also the one that introduced me to St. Philomena.

    Thank you for sharing your story and if you wish to speak with me some more, contact me through the site.

    God bless,

    Brother Juniper

  4. Brother Juniper,

    I don’t know enought about wordpress to know how to email you directly, so, here is my email address:

    Also, I see some typos in my post to you, do I have the ability to correct them or may I send them to you to correct?

    I should be able to figure this stuff out, but, darn it, just am not able to.



    • brotherjuniper said:


      Don’t worry about the typos. I can fix them through my administrator buttons on

      Brother Juniper

  5. Dear Brother Juniper,
    My name is Ula Drabikowska and I live in Melbourne Australia but I have a strong Polish background, have lived in Poland before and do plan to move there in one year.
    I’m in my early 20s. Ive been brought up in a Christian home, my mother being Catholic and my father Protestant – my parents always find a way to compromise and respect each other’s religions. I myself am Catholic.
    Ive always been interested in religion and having an intrinsic philosophical nature, i’m always asking questions.
    My biggest influence when it comes to religion is definitely my mother. She was also brought up Catholic yet never really thought about God until she migrated to Australia with my father in 1981. Suddenly she found herself in a foreign, strange country and forced to learn the language. So she started borrowing books from the local library, and most of them turned out to be religiously themed.
    This turned into her main hobby, reading religious books. Not only about Christianity, but also about Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism etc.
    She used to be fascinated by the teachings of other religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. This went on for years. Until she started reading the bible, and other Christian texts. The Bible convinced her of the Truth and ever since, she’s been a devoted Catholic.
    My story parallels to hers, yet I only realised this recently; Like i mentioned, i have an inquisitive nature, and given our eclectic and rich book collection my parents have at home, i was drawn to reading those books too.
    I remember at the young age of 13 i found some books at home on buddhism, meditation, ‘centering’ yourself etc. I was so amazed by their content, and eventually declared myself ‘buddhist’. I practiced yoga, meditated, even went to see the Dalai Lama when he came down. I was really interested in New Age beliefs and went to all the Mind body and spirit festivals.
    A couple of years later, I found myself deeply depressed, confused, and empty. I remember feeling all this but never actually stopped and thought about my state at that time.
    Suddenly, one night whilst laying in bed, something came over me. I all of a sudden felt the need to start reading the bible, to ask God to help me understand and find Jesus in my heart, as well as the Virgin Mary. It was a revolution in my heart. It sounds cliched, but my life really did change from that moment on. I became a better person, my relationships with other people have improved, my quality of life has improved.
    I discovered the world of prayer, not only to God, but to angels and saints. And I can openly admit, that a lot of my prayers have been answered over the years. Catholicism really makes sense to me now, and I’m greatful for my earlier experience which lead me to where I am now.
    Books which I’m reading now and find to be really helpful are :
    The case for Christ, by Lee Strobel (he’s an excellent writer. atheist turned Christian)
    Hard Questions, Real Answers (i think the author’s William Craig)
    The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias

    I found your website whilst searching for prayers to Saint Raphael.

    God Bless

    • brotherjuniper said:


      Thank you so much for visiting the site and intorducing yourself! I hope that you come here often.

      What you write is so true about the way that God speaks to us. Sometimes, there are those sudden moments that allow us to start thinking about God, His Mother, and His desires for us. I had one such dramatic experience several years ago and it completely changed my life as well.

      Once again, thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear more from you.

      God bless,

      Brother Juniper

  6. Dear Brother Juniper,

    I am sorry – I already posted this in the wrong section…

    I just came across your blog this morning, and I will be taking time today to read more. If I have not seen it yet, I apologize: do you assist at an indult and/or independent masses? I attend indult in Buffalo, NY – we are trying to get an Apostolate, but we do not have Bishop support. I am always seeking out people who love and assist at The Latin Mass & Sacraments. God Bless you.

    • brotherjuniper said:

      Dear Adrienne,

      I’m very glad to meet you and I heartily welcome you to this blog.

      I currently attend the Ordinary Form of the Mass at a local diocesan parish. We are blessed to have an indult Mass here every Sunday, but I do not have the opportunity to attend it on a regular basis.

      However, I do love the Latin Mass dearly. It is what brought me into the Church as a convert. Maybe, I’ll write about it sometime.

      God bless,

      Brother Juniper

  7. pax et bonum!

    i am br. JoEd, ofmCap, a capuchin franciscan post-novice. your blogs provide some fresh views, thank you.

    if you need an ear, you’ll have mine.

    your little brother,

    JoEd, ofmCap

  8. Br. Juniper,

    I am a Third Order Franciscan under the wing of the SSPX. I have read that you wrote on refusing Sedevacantism and that you were once one yourself. Please direct me to those articles.

    God bless.

    • brotherjuniper said:

      Hi Brother Anthony,

      Look for anything tagged with sedevacantism or traditional Catholic movement. The articles should be in there somewhere. If they aren’t, I will write a new one.

      God bless,

      Br. Juniper

  9. I’m now leaning towards the Sedevacantist position
    for the evidence for it is so overwhelming! For instance VII,s denial of the dogma there’s no salvation outside the Catholic Church and how the
    Vatican is spearheading to establish the One World Religion.

  10. Mark Davies said:

    Hello Brother Juniper,

    I am Mark Davies,Son of a Fallen-away Catholic and a ex-Jehovah’s witness,I was raised with a Jehovah witness upbringing,I am converting to the catholic faith because it proves beyond a rational doubt to be the true Church of Christ.Took along time of self-denial to finally recieve the fact.Now I’m Converting this Easter in Baptism,I attend St.Afra in the Archdiocese of Berlin,Germany and it is run by the Institute of Philip Neri headed by Father Goesche,A Traditional group who offers the blessed Tridentine mass and keeps very Pre-Vatican II Spirituality.I am greatly moved by the writings of St.Ignatius of Antioch and that of St.Iraneus.I love to read the writings of the Church Fathers and all our Brothers and sisters who precedes us into heaven.I am a German-American with dual-citizenship and have truly been blessed by God.

    Well,this is me,
    Nice to meet you,and I love your blog
    Mark Davies

  11. Anthony Joseph,T.O.Carm. said:

    Dear Br. Juniper,
    I’ve just begun to follow your site and appreciate your insights and thoughts. I am a Third Order Carmelite/Lay Carmelite with private vows living the hermitic life since July 16,2000. On July 16, 2006, I renewed those vows with the specific intention of offering my life for the sanctification and renewal of priests. To provide for my material needs, I work as a clinical hospital chaplain three days a week which easily flows from a contemplative life. Other than necessary errands, I live in solitude, prayer all of the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass at my parish and spend several hours of Eucharistic Adoration in my little chapel. I am in the final stage of composing a “Plan of Life” to present to my Bishop in order to be recognized as a canonical hermit.
    I will remember you and your intentions in prayer as you discern God’s holy will for your life. I actually made a Benedictine novitate as part of the foundation for the hermitic life and study monastic writings. While Carmelites began as a group of hermits, hermitic and monastic resources not Carmelite are essential for my growth in holiness.
    May the Lord bless you my brother!
    Anthony Joseph of the Holy Eucharist,T.O.Carm.

  12. Anthony Joseph,T.O.Carm. said:

    Dear Brother Juniper,
    I am a Lay Carmelite with private vows living the hermitic life for the sanctification of priests and consecrated souls. At one time, I was solemnly professed religious in a non-Carmelite community. I entered at age 18 in 1968 when religious life was going through many types of crisis. Once as a novice and later on after solemn vows, a live-in confessor broke the seal of my confession. Mistrust of authority led to many other ills. Finally, I asked to be dispensed from vows with my request granted. Upon leaving, a saintly Jesuit invited me to offer my life for priests if I really wanted to be healed from what happened in community. Long story short…I made profession as a Lay Carmelite in 1994, and embraced the hermitic life on July 16,2000. On that day, my pastor offered Holy Mass in my chapel and I renewed my Carmelite profession with the expressed intention of praying for the sanctification of priests and consecrated souls. Presently, I am in the final process of preparing for canonical status as a hermit having lived this vocation for a significant length of time. I am completing my “Plan of Life” required by the Church for canonical status. I am priveleged to have the Most Blessed Sacrament reserved in my chapel where I pray all the Hours and spend time in adoration.
    I promise a place in my prayers as you discern God’s call upon your life. Blessings upon your readership as well.
    Thank you for your blog!
    PS. I live in the Midwest where it is very cold right now.

  13. Dear Brother Juniper

    I can to learn about our Inexhaustible Cup by Fr. Ed, and to your website in knowing more about our Holy Lady. I currently live in Renton Washington, I have come to understand more about our Lord due to life experiences that i would not want anyone else suffer but I guess our Lord has something store for me. I attend St. Stephens the myrter Catholic church. As a little girl I always liked helping those in need and now more than ever. growing up without a father and seeing my mother work hard never to give up in giving us her support and love. We came to the USA in in search o f a better. I have learned so much from moms teaching and now I understand more her way of praying. I came to a point of suffering in my marriage that we almost devorced but thanks to our God we did not. I always loved our Lord but with all that I have been through I love Him more than my life. He has giving everything that I ask, if its to my santification of course to keep me in the right path toward his house and love unconditionally. I promised God that I would talk about him and all that has to do with him for all that his giving and keeps giving without me asking. He has a real funny way to me know that he is with me and my familia. This christmas Jesus and angels appeard in a sea shell. I have shared with Fr. Ed and his secratary and they saw too. Fr. Ed Blessed my sea shell and i have it next to baby Jesus . I wish I can share with you and everyone else so those who feel sad can be happy. I really don’t want to sound wierd but I can not explain what I feel inisde me only that his always with and that if it was not for him I won’t be talking like I do. I have been maried for almost 18 yr on July 31. I have 3 children and temparely one more child. I have worked high school student for 7 1/2 years in Woodburn Oregon and the last 3 years with special needed children in the Renton school district of Washington. Everyday that goes by I pray the Divine mercy of Jesus Crist in spanish for it was hard for me to say the 5 misteries of the rosary and fell in love with the Divine Mercy of Jesucristo so I do it every morning because I forget to do at 3 pm due to work I am unable to but I keep praying through out the day. Like St Fracisco de Asis pray goes Make me an instrument of your…. I love this song among other but this one brought so much out of me. I also pray for the conversion of people to believe and trust our God, marriages that in are crisisso they may reconcile and restore the damages that are caused. All who are proffesing in priest hood, all priest, and all who are serving God for them to not be afraid, to love God with a passion that can never be destroy by the enemy.. that when they feel tired they close thier eyes to find comfort by Our Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I do prayer for all who are lost to find their way back to the catholic church and never walk away again..

    I thank God for finding your blog and others to share their suffering or santification for GODS love because without him we are nothing.

  14. Anthony of the Holy Eucharist,T.O.Carm. said:

    My name is Anthony of the Holy Eucharist, and a lay Carmelite living the hermitic life offering my life for the sanctification of priests and for priests who are no longer living their sublime calling. I’ve lived this calling since July 16,2000, and am now working toward becoming a canonical hermit.
    Your site is one that I return to regularly.
    Thank you!

  15. Check out my blog, though not too interesting, it will give you an idea who I am.
    your Sister in faith,
    Society of Saint Dominic

  16. I am a lay Carmelite with private vows living the hermitic life since July 16,200. I am completing a Plan of Life to present to my Bishop for status as a Canonical Hermit. I have offered my life for the sanctification of priests, especially priests who no longer live their holy vocation. Having once lived in a religious community, I experienced the turmoil of the late 1960’s thru 1980 when the common life of prayer, communal activities and being of one heart in the service of Our Blessed Lord Jesus was on its way out. In 1994, I professed final promises as a T.O.Carm. and renewed my promises in the hands of my pastor with private vows. To provide for the necessities of life, I work 40 hrs per week as a clinical hospital chaplain with a focus on end of life care with patients and family. I keep all the Hours of the Divine Office which I pray in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in my hermitage chapel. I am able to attend daily Mass as well. I maintain as much solitude as possible leaving any errands for Saturday. I do not participate in any social activies and eat all my meals at home. Other than my work days which are Monday thru Friday from 8 AM til 4:30 PM., I remain in my hermitage.
    How’s that for an introduction? Feel free to be in touch as I do use email as time allows. United in prayer…Anthony, T.O.Carm.

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