Prayer to the Sacred Heart

St. Margaret Mary\'s Vision

O most good and most merciful Sacred Heart of Jesus, we beg You to show the light of Your Truth to every soul that has wandered away from the Roman Catholic Church and is in schism with the Church. Send forth Your Holy Ghost upon these souls and enlighten them about the true meaning of the promises You made to St. Peter.  Give them fortitude, strength, and courage in every trial that they will endure on their road to conversion. Send forth Your angels and saints to help them along the way as well as our Mother Mary to keep them safe under her mantle. Amen.



6 thoughts on “Prayer to the Sacred Heart”

  1. re your prayer to the Sacred Heart…


    Could it be that Medjugorje is a prayer answered?

  2. brotherjuniper said:

    Thank you for the comments.

    Yes, it is entirely possible that Medjugorje could be a prayer answered.

  3. lana maguire said:

    for maureen and alaina,

  4. For My Mom and Brothers!

  5. Dear Brother Juniper,
    Have you heard of Maranatha Spring and Shrine in Elyria, Ohio (

    They are saying that Mary and Jesus and some of the saints are appearing to a visionary. Apparently there is much controversy with their local Diocese. I wish I knew whether I can believe it or not.
    Most of the Saints in history had many problems with the Church believing their apperitions of our Lord and/or Mary and then long after their death they become a Saint.
    I’m just curious about what you think, if you have time to check it out.
    In Christ Love,

  6. Kindly pray for Peter who was involved in a horrible fatal car accident that left 5 people dead. God saved his life but he is critically injured and his family is faced with huge medical bill. Thank God for saving him and intercede for him to receive God’s grace and mercy to enable full recovery and restoration to salvation. Amen

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