Brother Juniper and the Beggar by Zubaran

Who I Am

My name is Brother Juniper. I am the founder and author of Peace, Love, and Joy. In real life, I am a graduate completing my Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at a relatively large Jesuit university. I am currently discerning a vocation to become a monk within one of the Orders based on the Rule of St. Benedict (Benedictines, Cistercians, Trappists). 

My interests as a writer include the Divine Office, current news, the lives of the saints, and providing meditations and reflections on the spiritual life. A brief perusal of my site will show you each of these interests.

Why this Blog Exists

Originally, this blog was established as a discernment journal. However, it has morphed into something completely different over the course of the last few months. In general, I like to write about whatever strikes my fancy from a traditional Catholic point of view including current news events, the spiritual life, the Sacraments, the Divine Office, and the lives of the saints. 

As you will see, my blog is loyal to the Holy Father and the Holy See. Although I do bring up the SSPX and the sedevacantists in my writings, I have no association with either of these groups at the present time. I only write about them to show my readers what life is like on the other side of the fence.

I am loyal to the Gregorian Mass (Tridentine Latin Mass) and to the Divine Office as it was recited and chanted before Vatican II. The liturgical calendar used for my reflections is in accordance with the above information.

At the end of the day, I hope that by visiting this blog you are inspired to live your Catholic faith better. There can be no greater reward for me than knowing that my work has helped you in some way.

God bless you,

Brother Juniper


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Tamalamalam said:

    Brother Juniper…
    Nice blog!
    I’ll visit again and again and again!

  2. Tamalamalam said:

    Hey Alex,

    Check out this site…THIS SITE NEEDS your help! Maybe you could be a moderator, clean the site up, get folks involved…maybe you could find someone who would pay you to do it…

    I think it would be a worthwhile endeavor


    Let me know what you think.


  3. brotherjuniper said:

    I think that I could help out there and help fix it. I’ll link to it on my site today and announce it.

    Increased traffic will porbably help.

  4. Mark Kolter said:

    Enjoying the blog. Perhaps you would consider linking to these two Franciscan orders as well? Each has some excellent discernment tools and material on their site. Much thanks, and please continue your good work.

    Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity – http://www.fscccalledtobe.org

    Franciscan Friars of the Assumption BVM Province – http://www.franciscan-friars.org

  5. brotherjuniper said:

    Thank you for the recommendations and the encouragement, Mark.

    Be assured the links will be there.

  6. poorclares said:

    Yay for St. Francis!! I want to be a Poor Clare! 🙂

  7. Shalom. I stumbled upon your blog today and am enjoying the zeal in your writing.
    Pace e bene to you too.

  8. Ok, thanks. I’m still here…

  9. Clicking on that motuproprio link above redirected me to some 2&2 commercial site that looks French. Don’t understand how that works but probably not too good. Maybe it’s a glitch unique to me–or maybe not. God bless.

    • brotherjuniper said:

      The site itself has been down for quite sometime due to lack of participation. I will edit the link.

  10. +JMJ I am a member of the Universal Living Rosary Assoc. of St. Philomena and help out with an apostolate of Miraculous Medal (Crusade) Very nice blog- keep up the great work. St. Philomena, please pray for us.


  11. Carina Ellemers said:

    Dear Brother Juniper,
    I’m trying to find out from which country you are. I am from Holland and have special interest in Saint Nicolas. That’s how I came to your blog.
    You write about the icon of your grandfather. I like that story, but where was it? Where is it people make a connection with Saint Nicolas as the Saint of sailors?
    I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
    My name is Carina Ellemers.

  12. brotherjuniper said:

    Hi Carina,
    St. Nicholas is considered to be the patron saint of sailors in Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, and other Orthodox countries.
    The story goes that a group of sailors were traveling through the Aegean when they encountered some extremely rough seas. They prayed to fervently to St. Nicholas. He appeared to them on the prow of the ship and calmed the winds. At the end of the day, the stories were able to make their way back home.

  13. Brother Juniper,

    Good day!The

    This is Mr. Jaycee Ryan Tolentino, I was shocked when I see this post just now as I am browsing my name through google. I am calling your attention and requesting your good heart to please IMMEDIATELY REMOVE this post on your site -OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP SHRINE. Here’s the link:


    Somebody posted this sometime in October 2008 maybe using other account. This is so embarrassing especially when friends and relatives searches my name. It’s been 6years and the only time I saw it was just now.

    Also, I don’t know somebody named Angelo de Leon, he is not even my friend or acquaintance.

    I am perfectly fine and healthy. I don’t know what to do with that post. I opted to email you hoping that it will be removed the moment you read this email.

    You may email me back for any confirmation regarding my true identity. That post is not a joke nor not to disclosed especially in any site aside from yours.

    I hope you feel what I am feeling right now Brother Juniper. I am also a Catholic and I used to go to Perpetual Help Shrine in the Philippines to attend mass every Wednesday.

    Thank you in advance for being a good samaritan and may The God Almighty bless you and your family.


    Jaycee Ryan Tolentino

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