Dear Brother Juniper

St Teresa of Avila

As the readership of this site grows from day to day,  I have felt a need to post my information on this blog. Please feel free to write at the e-mail address below with any questions or comments you have.

agoukass at gonzaga dot edu

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us!


5 thoughts on “Dear Brother Juniper”

  1. Hi Br. Juniper,
    I noticed that you are in the diocese of Spokane, and I was wondering where you attend the TLM? I’m between Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, and we attend the TLM at St. Joan of Arc chapel, of the FSSP. We’re new to the area, and I like to scout out everywhere that we can find a TLM (I already know about the SPPX church here, which isn’t an option for us).

    Thanks so much!
    In Christ,

    PS I noticed you had the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart on your list of Catholic orders… I first went there to discern my vocation, and many of the sisters there are my dear friends. 😀

  2. Raad Korian said:

    Thank you for your website.
    I want to ask you about , why sant Poul made the first church in Rome not in JURESULEM

    my God Bless you
    Raad Korian

  3. Dear Brother Juniper,
    The beautiful picture of St. Francis with the wolf of Gubbio was perfect for our latest circular letter and so we used it from your site.

    I hope that this is OK, and if not please let us know and we will remove it! Pax tecum.

    Fra Pio ‘piccolo’ T.O.S.F.

  4. I am taking the liberty to forward this info.
    This is from an email from Fr Frank Pavone, priests for life,
    ……election-related teleseminar-webcast on Monday, October 27 from 9 to 10pm Eastern Time. Clergy, laity, and pro-life leaders from coast to coast will be joining me and an expert panel to receive practical information and inspiration to become involved and make a difference in our national elections. This is our fifth such teleseminar and being only days from the elections, will be the most important.

    I would like you, as well as the membership of your organization or church, to be part of it. Sign up at

  5. Thomas Godbold said:

    Dear Brother Juniper-

    I am returning to the Catholic Faith after some time away, and one aspect of Marian Devotion I am having a tad bit of difficulty over- that is her title of “co-redemptrix”. She has been so terribly important to my return to the true faith, that I want to be able to understand this component of Marian devotion.

    Thank you for your time, and the wonderful service you do for our Church!