The Rules

St. Joseph and the Child Jesus

St. Joseph and the Child Jesus

The following are some rules for those posting comments at this blog.

1. In all things observe charity.

2. Please do not post anything that I wouldn’t post in the comments (pornography, curse word laden comments, etc.).

3. Please keep your discussions courteous. I don’t want mud-slinging here. If you want to do that, there are other forums on the internet where you can do that.

4. Please post in the appropriate pages at the top of the blog, if you have something that doesn’t pertain to the contents of a particular post.  

5. I reserve the right to delete any and all posts that I view as uncharitable or as spam.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

St. Aloysius Gonzaga, pray for us!


1 thought on “The Rules”

  1. Dear Brother Juniper,

    I just came across your blog this morning, and I will be taking time today to read more. If I have not seen it yet, I apologize: do you assist at an indult and/or independent masses? I attend indult in Buffalo, NY – we are trying to get an Apostolate, but we do not have Bishop support. I am always seeking out people who love and assist at The Latin Mass & Sacraments. God Bless you.

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