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Interior of Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

A post on Fr Z.’s blog about gay protests on Valentine’s Day in front of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago really got me fired up.

As I noted in my comment on that blog, the main reason why protesters are able to get away with things like this is that we live in an increasingly secularist and relativist society which does not care about the rights of God and the natural law under which he has placed fallible human beings such as ourselves.

You see, dear readers, the term relativism means that absolutely everything in this world is equivalent to everything else. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, so the analogy goes. But what is good for the goose is not good for the gander if this means harming the inherent rights of the family and the rest of society. People don’t realize this, but the fabric of our society has already been rent in twain over the last fifty or so years. The sanctioning of homosexual unions by any Church body or the state will make those divisions worse.

Just this last summer, the ECUSA convention voted for gay rights in a sense. The issue has been a hot one over there for quite sometime and what was the result of this vote? More schism, more people leaving the Anglican Communion and its American arm because they cannot stand the downright depravity that is taking place in its midst. Essentially, the Anglican Church is no longer what it used to be. One wonders what Henry VIII, the founder of said Church, would think about this. Perhaps, he would be rolling in his grave or he might just be approving of what is going on.

Another problem with relativism is that if you or someone else gets the ball rolling, it will continue to roll. There are certain persons who believe that all religions are equal paths to God. This is a downright heretical notions. All religions are not equal. God did not create Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism. God only created One True Church (the Roman Catholic Church and its Eastern arm) and everything else is on the wayside, if you will.

Relativism creates these chimeras and numerous others as well. It forces the larger portions of society to look at such things as transgenderism, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality and to say, “Aw gee, it’s pretty good compared to hetero relationships.” Say this once and the domino effect continues. Pretty soon, everything is being turned on its head. White becomes black and black becomes white because everything is equal.

Several months ago, I was working on a Fulbright grant so that I could teach abroad. My advisor was  dyed-in-the-wool lesbian who was not afraid to showcase the literature of this group in her office. My gut reaction when I saw “the equal sign” bumper stickers on her desk was to say, “You know, forget this. I’ m not going to sit here and be brainwashed.” Of course, that’s not what happened. I realized that I had to work with her in some form or other so that my application could be successful and so we collaborated.

As a former student at a Jesuit college,  the presence of people like this woman frustrate me to no end. There is a difference between hiring people because they are wonderful scholars in their field and getting people on board to be politically correct. I believe that the latter is increasingly becoming the case and students at colleges like the one I used to attend are being inundated with things like this. Quite contrary to sixty years ago when Catholic colleges were meant to nurture their students in the faith.

I’m certain that there are readers out there who will say, “Oh, you’re just a conservative nut job. You’re just saying these things to make me angry.” That’s not necessarily the point. There is a difference between things that are morally right and morally wrong. Homosexuality in any of its guises is wrong for all kinds of reasons that I won’t go into here. So is relativism.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!