Several days ago, I started to receive seemingly random friend requests on Facebook. While I don’t use the site as much as I did before, I do have a policy of not making friends with anyone whom I don’t know. However, I friended these two folks because they were young, traditional Catholics.

Unfortunately, I did not realize at the time that these two young men were probably friending me because they believed that I was a sedevacantist, a Feeneyite, or both. I am none of these because I believe that there is salvation outside of the Catholic Church (BOD) and that Pope Benedict XVI is a rightfully, canonically elected Roman Pontiff and the Vicar of Christ.

Now, I’m sure that some of you are wondering why I am so petty for not continuing to be friends with people like this.  For those of you that haven’t yet deleted me from your subscriptions on account of the above, let me explain:

1. I do not need to receive e-mails from people who believe in various Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theories. I’ve been around those types and I believe that their theories are nothing more than old wives’ tales. Anybody who has studied the history of the Church from an objective point of view will be able to make such things clear.

2. I do not want to get embroiled in traditionalist politics. As many of you know, there is such a thing as church politics. Yes, it is ugly. Yes, there are people who debate these things all the time. However, I do not believe that being involved in a war is the way for me to save my precious and eternal soul. The only way to do that is to follow St. Paul’s admonition in one of his epistles: Keep your nose to the grindstone and live quietly and faithfully.

3. I left “the cause” years ago. I believe that God brought me into the Fold for a particular reason. Having left the traditionalist cause, I don’t see a point in beating a dead horse. I made up my mind years ago as to what the Church teaches with God’s help. I do not need to do it again.

I hope these things help to explain my positions. If any of you would like to discuss them further, please comment below.