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I am not terribly good at being patient. I don’t like to wait. This goes for a lot of things including the bus, lines at the unemployment office, you name it. If it takes a long time to do, then I’m probably going to be one of those people that walks out of the place after 15 minutes. I don’t have to waste my time and why should I?

However, I am also patient in other contexts. For instance, I’m very tolerant of other bloggers who give dissenting views on all kinds of issues. I tolerate them because I’m interested in what they have to say even if they are lying or speaking things that I know not to be true. No matter how mistaken these writers are, I feel that they have a right to be read by the rest of the world. Just because they are writing something that I don’t necessarily agree with does not mean that they should be run out of town.

However, there are those bloggers for whom my patience wears awfully thin. There is one particular place on the internet that gets me in a knot much faster than most of the other ones I read. The contents are usually excellent, but the author manages to skew in her own opinions into them. She has an axe to grind with almost every single Orthodox bishop and jurisdiction in existence. If she doesn’t like them, well, then she writes about them and writes about them. Not only this, but she goes after almost everybody that says anything which dissents from what she believes to be right.

I followed this blogger for quite sometime. I read her posts for a while, but I finally lost my temper today over something she wrote. She came down really hard on an Anglican bishop and accused various persons at an Orthodox seminary in the United States of pandering to the Archbishop of Canterbury in the name of diplomacy. I’m sorry, but nobody is pandering to anybody. Awards are given at academic institutions for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps, this person actually did something good for Anglican/Orthodox dialogue. Not that I would know, but still… Why the vitriol? Why the accusations?

My gut reaction when I read her commentary was to write her an extremely angry letter and tell her to her screen exactly what I thought of the way she wrote. However, I found that it was pointless for me to do that. I would only be feeding the beast and then I would have to deal with the consequences. I decided to just let the thing slide and never visit that blog again no matter how great the temptation may be. Out of sight, out of mind.

I think, too, that sometimes God tests our patience to show us our own failings. I know that reading that blog entry today brought out all kinds of things that I had forgotten about: my short temper, my inability to see things from another’s perspective, my vengefulness. The Bible says that the righteous man stumbles seven times a day. I probably stumble seventy times a day. But the thing of it is that I learned my lesson. If anything, I learned a great deal about self-knowledge and how important that is. Knowing what I know now, I probably won’t visit that site again.