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Praying Hands

If you desire to delight the loving heart of your God, be careful to speak to Him as often as you are able, and with the fullest confidence that He will not disdain to answer and speak with you in return. He does not, indeed, make Himself heard in any voice that reaches your ears, but in a voice that your heart can well perceive, when you withdraw from converse with creatures, to occupy yourself in conversing with your God alone: “I will lead her into the wilderness and I will speak to her heart.” He will then speak to you by such inspirations, such interior lights, such manifestations of His goodness, such sweet touches in your heart, such tokens of forgiveness, such experience of peace, such hopes of heaven, such rejoicings within you, such sweetness of His grace, such loving and close embraces, – in a word, such voices of love, as are well understood by those souls whom He loves and who seek for nothing but Himself alone.

Excerpted from “A Treatise on How to Converse Always and Familiarly with God” by St. Alphonsus Liguori. In The Way of Salvation and Perfection  (Redemptorist Fathers, 1926; reprinted by Our Lady of Victories Press.)