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The Divine Infant

The Son of God, having on our nature, without ceasing to be All-powerful, submitted Himself to the various needs of infancy in order to sanctify it. We see Mary rendering Him all those loving services of which His Babyhood stood in need. Who will give us to share in her happiness: Jesus Himself will do so, for He says: “Whosoever shall receive a little child in my Name receiveth me. As you did it to the least of these my brethren, ye did it to me.” Then, O Mary, we may not envy thee; we too, associate with thee in thy blessed maternity, can watch over, and take care of thy little Infant; for with hearts full of tenderness for children we may find opportunities of serving Jesus in them. What a happiness is it that we can pray for, and often, perhaps, assist by our care and counsel the little ones, whose simplicity and candor our Savior bids to imitate.  Let us turn to Mary and observe with what reverent love she tends her Child; and how He in return lavishes upon her His caresses. Let us aid Him to stretch forth His little Hands to bless us, and touch our hearts; so that their affection may be calmed by a holy influence, into a compliance with His desire that we should become like little children in humility, confidence, and simplicity.

Excerpted from Growth in the Knowledge of Our Lord, Vol. 1 by Abbe de Brandt. Translated from the French by Mother Mary Fidelis. (Herder Book Co., 1942.)