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St. Anthony and the Christ Child

St. Anthony and the Christ Child

As we wait for the coming of Our Lord during Advent, I think that it would be nice if we recall one of His most famous appearances as a Child. Here is the apparition of the Christ Child to St. Anthony as told by a contemporary chronicler:

One day, St. Anthony was preaching in a city and enjoyed the hospitality of one of its inhabitants. The latter gave the firar a room in a secluded part of the house, so that undisturbed, he could devote himself to study and meditation.  When he was praying alone in his room, his host was going back and forth in his house, attending to his occupations.

As he was observing with concern and respect the room where the friar was praying, and looking through the window while unseen, he saw a small child, very graceful and laughing, appear in the arms of the friar. Anthony was holding him close nad embracing him, contemplating his face with an expression of intense adoration. The good man, surprised and charmed by the beauty of the child, went awaywondering where such a pretty youngster could have come from.

This was the Child Jesus. He revealed to Friar Anthony that his host was observing them both. After a prolonged prayer and the vision having disappeared, St. Anthony called the man who was lodging him and forbade him to speak of what he had seen to anyone during Anthony’s lifetime. After the death of the holy man, the host was moved to tears and related the scene swearing on the Bible that what he was was true  (Excerpted from Fioretti of St. Anthony by Arnaud de Serran, edited by Virgilio Gamboso, 2008).

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Anthony of Padua, pray for us!