Yesterday, I found out that I would no longer be employed at the unviversity where I worked part-time for the last year. I went through the usual motions of the “grieving” process and then got over it. I will continue to look for work in my field. Yet I have also realized that with every closed door, there is an open window.

Last night, as I was lying awake, I thought about why God would give me this opportunity. The answer was clear as daylight.  If I am to grow closer to God, then having some time off is a good way to do it. Not thinking about other things will allow me to catch up on my spiritual reading, blog more, and pray for me. In other words, I need this time to recharge my batteries before the next adventure.

Even more profound were the words that I found in Growth in the Knowledge of Our Lord this morning:

The chief characteristic of real love is that it delights in suffering for the person loved.

I suddenly realized that my current situation no matter how bleak could be used for good. Indeed, it is a penance that I have to work through in order to get to heaven. In such ways, God is truly glorious.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!