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Virgin and Child by Ribera

Virgin and Child by Ribera

Editor’s Note: Following morning meditation this morning, I found myself thinking about this passage in the Book of Sirach (24:19-25) which moved me to tears.

19: Come unto me, all ye that be desirous of me, and fill yourselves with my fruits.

20: For my memorial is sweeter than honey, and mine inheritance than the honeycomb.

21: They that eat me shall yet be hungry, and they that drink me shall yet be thirsty.

22: He that obeyeth me shall never be confounded, and they that work by me shall not do amiss.

23: All these things are the book of the covenant of the most high God, even the law which Moses commanded for an heritage unto the congregations of Jacob.

24: Faint not to be strong in the Lord; that he may confirm you, cleave unto him: for the Lord Almighty is God alone, and beside him there is no other Saviour.