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Tsar Martyr Nicholas II

Tsar Martyr Nicholas II

In the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, St. Paul describes how the end of the world will come to be. One of those signs is the removal of the restraining one (2:7) or known in the King James as “he who restraineth.” After the removal of this one person, the way for Antichrist will be paved. The question that will be asked is whether or not we know who this person was. Together with other theologians, I would like to posit that we do indeed know. He was Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II of Russia.

When kings and emperors were crowned during the last few centuries, there were two integral parts of the ceremony that signified his divine right to rule over his people. One of these was the solemn anointing of his hands and head with Sacred Chrism just like the Prophet Samuel anointed King David before he was proclaimed king of the Israelites.

The second is the reception of Holy Communion by the king together with the priests, bishops, and metropolitans of the Church. This represents the monarch’s particular role as a priest and intercessor for his own people although he has not been ordained or called to serve  in the same way as the other servants of God.

In the coronations of Russian emperors, these two elements have always existed. The last Russian monarch to be crowned was Tsar Nicholas II and it is assumed by many that he was the one who restrained the mystery of iniquity.

However, there are other reasons for this outside of the pure ceremonial that attends the coronation. First of all, the Russian state has always claimed a direct descent from that of Byzantium. This is due to the marriage of Prince Ivan III of Muscovy to Princess Sofia Paleologina, the niece of Constantine XI who was the last emperor of Byzantium.

Out of this marriage grew an idea among the Russians that Russia was the third Rome. The first Rome was the one that fell to the barbarians in the fifth century, the second was Constantinople fell to the Turks, and the third is Russia herself. To be more precise, it is Moscow itself. Therefore, the Russians have always seen themselves as descendants of Byzantium through their Orthodox faith and their beliefs.

The abdication of Nicholas II created a chaotic situation in Russia. As students of history will acknowledge, the abdication did not create the peaceful situation that his ministers had hoped. Rather, it created a revolution that soon engulfed the entire country from end to end and then blazed all over the world.

Our Lady of Fatim had prophesied that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world. Those errors would not merely be Communism itself, but a materialistic culture that does not have an equal in the modern world. Not only this, but Russia also exported much else that the world has to had to deal with since then including the slaughter of millions of innocents in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and numerous others around the world.

Russia would not have spread her errors throughout the world had not the one who restrained the mystery of lawlessness not been assassinated. If the tsar had remained on his throne, we would not have the world situation that we have today. Yet it was God’s will that Tsar Nicholas II be removed in order to pave the way for the ultimate triumph of good over evil and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Tsar-Martyr Nicholas, pray for us!