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Francis Cardinal George and Pope Benedict XVI

Francis Cardinal George and Pope Benedict XVI

The Chicago Tribune published the following response to Bishop Paprocki’s letter that was cited two days ago on this blog. The author succinctly states that Bishop Paprocki should not blame Chicago’s biggest newspaper for hauling in bad news about the Roman Catholic Church. Stuff happens, the writer says, and the bishops should try and fix the problems before they start leaking.

As I have noted earlier, Bishop Paprocki’s letter was written to protest an article published in the Tribune about Cardinal George and his response to the Notre Dame scandal. Bishop Paprocki also noted that there were certain “Catholic” elements within the newspaper who wrote negative stories about various goings on.

It seems clear to me that there are several different ways in which one can approach this problem. First of all, we should note that the Catholic Church has always been routinely under attack from the mainstream press in the United States of America. Although there have been many sympathetic stories that have been published in various newspapers and magazines, the Catholic Church has routinely been derided. When the sexual abuse scandal blew up in 2002, Roman Catholic priests were routinely portrayed as sodomizers and pederasts running after young children. What happened to the Fr. O’Malleys and the Father Zuhlsdorf’s? Has the mainstream media completely gone mad?

Secondly, the Notre Dame affair is truly scandalous. Cardinal George commented on this because it was his duty as a shepherd of the Roman Catholic Church. It is not enough for us to simply sit back and do nothing about the situation that is currently occurring. We must do something and we must say something. Cardinal George did the right thing and so have numerous of his confreres. The invitation of a pro-abortion, anti-life president to one of the most renowned Roman Catholic institutions in the United States is a scandal indeed. Whether we appreciate this fact or not, a scandal will continue to be a scandal

Finally, I do not believe that His Excellency was blaming the messenger in his letter. He was simply pointing out things that needed to be said at the current time. If anything, the bishops know what is going on long before the secular press decides to publish its findings. Therefore, one cannot say that His Excellency and other bishops are in ignorance. They know everything that is going on. If they are ignorant to a certain extent then that ignorance must be examined on a case by case basis.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!