Archbishop-elect Timothy Dolan

Archbishop-elect Timothy Dolan

According to New York’s NY1  News Channel, Archbishop-elect Timothy Dolan will face numerous challenges during his rule. Among those outlined in the report is the integration of Hispanic Catholics into the Roman Catholic Church and a bill before the New York State legislature that may re-examine how many years it will take before a victim of child abuse brings forward charges.

I think the point made about Hispanic Catholics is interesting. In my own diocese, several of the seminarians studying from the priesthood have been “imported” from seminaries in Mexico. I believe that it says something about the vibrancy of Catholicism south of the border that our bishops are willing to bring over young men, who will become priests and serve within this country.

I think, though, that the archbishop-elect should do everything in his power to encourage vocations within the United States as well. Foreign vocations are definitely excellent for the Church, but we also need priests that are from our own localities and are familiar with the needs of the Catholics in the United States. While we can continue bringing in priests from Poland, Nigeria, and Mexico, we must also make sure that we foster vocations within our own country.

Let us pray for Archbishop-elect Dolan on the day of his consecration for his success and also for more vocations to the priesthood.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!