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King and Center of All Hearts

King and Center of All Hearts

Do not wait until old age to give yourself to God. By that time we are exhausted from the world’s yoke and have no strength left to carry God’s yoke.

You say you will give yourself to God when you are older. But when will that day come? And when it comes, will you succeed in turning to God as easily as you think? (The Imitation of Mary, Part 1, Ch. 5)

 These words from Fr. Alexander de Rouville, SJ, are wise indeed because they speak  directly to us and to our own needs.

The need for us to turn to God with our whole hearts is something that is with us every single day. We are here on this earth for only a short time. The Psalmist says that man is like a flower in the field. We blossom for a day and then our place knows no more. It does not matter whether we are rich or poor, a teacher or lawyer, a butcher of baker. Death will come and our lives will determine how we are going to live in eternity.

Every day, God asks us to dedicate ourselves to Him and to consecrate ourselves to His love. He calls out to us every single day and constantly knocks on the door. Why are we so deaf to His entreaties? Why can’t we hear Him when He knocks? Are we stone deaf when it comes to God? 

Our age is not a godly age. In our lifetime, God has been pushed away from the public square. He has been relegated to the parish churches, the convents, monasteries, and seminaries. If we do talk about God and His rights in public, we are ridiculed and told that we should keep our religious beliefs to ourselves.  If we are called to minister to others and bring God to them, why is it that every door seems to be closed and locked? Why is it that the world does not wish to embrace its Creator?

God has been pushed out because, according to Friedrich Nietzsche, he is dead. He is not of importance to us anymore. Since He is dead, then everything is allowed. We are currently living in a Nietzschean paradise. Many things that go against God have been sanctioned publicly by our politicians and their numerous sycophants. From abortion to homosexuality being taught in the schools, there is not one aspect of human life that is deemed as sacred. There is not one beautiful thing that has been turned into an abomination and evil. 

Even the act of procreation, a sacred act between a man and a woman, has now become something casual without even a corpuscle of sacredness. It is simply something that everybody does, but I wonder if any of those people doing it realize that this act was meant for an extremely specific purpose:  to create children. Yet so many people see the act as nothing more than a pleasurable, sensual, and carnal thing.

In order for us to change the world, we need to begin with our own selves. Some people believe that you can change the world first and then change yourself.  They put the cart before the horse. If we don’t conquer and master ourselves, then we will not be able to conquer the world. If anything, we will be overcome by the world and the devil. We will be dragged along rocky roads and we will wonder how this could happen.

In order to discipline ourselves, we must first consecrate ourselves to God. God is our beginning and our last end. He created us so that we can worship Him in this world and adore Him in the next. Without Him, we cannot do anything that is pleasing to Him. Therefore, it is necessary that we examine ourselves upon this point. Are we living a life that is pleasing to God? If we are not, then what is it that we can change?

After examining ourselves, we should make an act of absolute self-confidence in God. We should tell Him that we are sorry for all the sins that we have committe, for our ungratefulness when He has showered us abundantly with His graces, and to tell Him most of all that we are ready to do whatever it is that He wants us to do. In tell Him this, we shoud also tell Him that we are ready and willing to suffer for Him and even to die for Him if necessary. In making this act of self-confidence, we are really sacrificing and immolating our selves. We are immolating our old man so that we can put on the new.

The act of self-confidence is only the beginning. Yet the sooner that we make it, the better that we will be in the long run. Many people wait for years before they dedicate themselves to God and yet will that moment come? What if it is already past?

My dear friends, I urge you to consecrate yourselves to God today. Make an act of reparation to His Most Sacred Heart and tell Him that you will be willing to suffer all things for Him. Tell Him that His will is yours. Tell Him that your only desire in this life is to be happy with Him in the next.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph pray for us!