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Bishop Williamson

Bishop Williamson

Earlier this week, Bishop Richard Williamson issued an apology to the Catholic world for his Holocaust denials. The Vatican, however, has said that he must give “an absolutely unequivocal” apology for his conduct.

According to the Boston Globe, Williamson may be seeking to thwart reconciliation between the SSPX and the Vatican. I am not Williamson and I cannot speak for him, but I do believe that there is much more to his opinions and ideas than what we have been told to believe by the mainstream media. Even if Williamson is trying to thwart negotiations, I do not believe that he would act out like a teenager. He would probably take a much more prudent approach or he would not do anything at all.

Another thing mentioned in the article is that the SSPX are the only organization in schism from the Catholic Church. As far as I know, there are numerous other traditionalist organizations that have gone against the Vatican. Among these are the CMRI, SSPV, and numerous other smaller independent groups that refuse to obey the Roman Pontiff. While they may not be as large numerically as the CMRI, they are still a thorn in the Vatican’s side.

One should also note that the remarks made by Williamson about the Holocaust were filmed in November. Nobody, as far as I know, has brought this fact to light. It could very well be that somebody in the Swedish television network knew about the lifting of the excommunications at the time the documentary was aired. Of course, I’m only speculating. Even if there is no proof, it seems very uncanny to me that these two events should coincide.

Once again, as I have done numerous times over the past weeks, I encourage all of you to pray for the Holy Father and Bishop Williamson. These are difficult days for the Church. It is in times like these that we should show Catholic unity.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!