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Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII

Several days ago, I wrote an article in which I discussed Pope Pius XII and his role during the Holocaust. Due to the controversial nature of this subject, I have sought to provide my readers with a number of resources on this topic. I do not feel that I am competent enough to write about it myself. Here are the ones I found:

Pius XII’s Massive Crusade: A Zenit Interview with Sr. Margherita Marchione. (Courtesy of EWTN)

Pius XII and the Jews by Sr. Margherita Marchione. (A historical perspective on Pope Pius XII’s role in the Holocaust and how many religious risked their lives to save the Jews.)

A Righteous Gentile: Pope Pius XII and the Jews. (An article on Pope Pius XII from a Jewish perspective.)

How Pope Pius XII Protected the Jews. (An article by Catholic Answers apologist Jimmy Akin.)

The Framing of Pius XII. (An examination by Matthew Bunson of the evidence and history behind the accusations leveled at Pope Pius XII.)

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!