Rachel Weeping

Rachel Weeping

Early this morning, I was listening to a sermon given by Fr. Frank Pavone on EWTN. Fr. Pavone is the president of an organization called Priests for Life. He is also one of the most prominent anti-abortionists living in the United States today. In his sermon, Fr. Pavone talked about abortion and how we cannot be complacent on this issue for it would be omission if we didn’t do something about it.I personally believe that abortion is not simply prejudice against the unborn, but murder. A child ripped from his mother’s womb and thrown away is not just a fetus or an embryo. Although in its nascent stage that child has the same right to live as the rest of us do. To murder someone that is our brother or sister in Christ should worry us a great deal. Indeed, I wonder how there can be so many Catholics out there who support pro-abortion candidates for president like Barack Hussein Obama, who would force legislation that would permit abortion under any circumstances and make it on demand.

As so many of us learned in our catechism classes, murder cannot be justified under any circumstances. Since we are made in the image and likeness of God, we have no right to take away another person’s life. God’s will alone decides when it is our time to go. Yet there are many mothers and fathers who decide to abort their children. Few know the harmful psychological effects that the procedure will have on them or that one of the consequences of having an abortion is infertility.

Life is not for us to give or to take away. Sometimes, human beings are under the illusion that murder can be justified because it saves the life of a mother. Yet killing one human being to spare another cannot be justified under any circumstances. I once believed that abortion could be justified if the mother’s life was in danger, but then I found out on my own that murder is always murder no matter the context in which it occurs.

Sometimes, it is only too easy for us to be complacent on this issue. After all, it affects babies and it doesn’t really affect us. The fact of the matter is that sin is a global phenomenon. What one doctor does at an abortion mill affects the entire world. Certain cataclysmic events not only occur because God allows them, but also because we have merited them by our sins. By permitting abortion to continue in this country for so long, we have seen our society collapse in front of us: the traditional family structure has almost been destroyed, the use of drugs has risen, and the sexual revolution has given rise to unbounded perversion. We have deserved all of this and God has allowed it.

However, things can be turned around and we can make a difference. Our Lady of Fatima promised that her Immaculate Heart would triumph in the end. If enough people are willing to live her Fatima message and to go against all of these monstrosities that the world has created, there will be peace in this world and an end to abortion. Yet if we don’t fight this insidious evil as well as the others that have wracked our society, we cannot expect peace.

At the end of our lives and at the Last Judgment, Jesus will ask us how we treated the least of His brethren? When you go and meet Him what answer will you give for those children aborted in the womb? What will you tell Him?

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!