According to CWN, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith has written a foreword to a new book about the development of the Mass.  In his commentary, Archbishop Ranjith notes that much of what was called in Sancrosanctum Concilium was distorted by the followers of Bugnini and his other cronies. Inculturation, Communion in the hand, and the wholesale throwing away of Latin hymns and Gregorian chant were not called for in the Council documents. What happened, however, was the documents were disseminated without proper interpretation.

I believe that this book, when published, will help us to understand what actually happened and why the reform went so far off the rails.

Here is a pertinent quote from the Archbishop:

Basic concepts and themes like Sacrifice and Redemption, Mission, Proclamation and Conversion, Adoration as an integral element of Communion, and the need of the Church for salvation–all were sidelined, while Dialogue, Inculturation, Ecumenism, Eucharist-as-Banquet, Evangelization-as-Witness, etc., became more important. Absolute values were disdained.

An exaggerated sense of antiquarianism, anthopologism, confusion of roles between the ordained and the non-ordained, a limitless provision of space for experimentation– and indeed, the tendency to look down upon some aspects of the development of the Liturgy in the second millennium– were increasingly visible among certain liturgical schools.

As  you can easily see, the Archbishop has a good head on his shoulders. I hope that the new book will name names and settle the issues once and for all.