According to the New York Times, Vatican officials have sent a notice to the Israeli government about a private TV show. Comedian Lior Shlein, in response to L’Affaire Williamson, did a segment in which she satirized various dogmas and stories from the Gospels. Shlein openly questioned the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin and whether or not Our Lord walked on water. The station assured the Israeli Foreign Ministry that it would not broadcast the show again.

From a personal perspective, it seems to me that the devil is having one heck of a time attacking the Church.  With L’Affaire Williamson and L’Affaire Wagner, there has been a systematic attempt on the part of various forces to turn the attention of Catholics away from the one thing needful. This most recent incident is nothing new in the long view.

With the last thought in mind, I encourage us once again to pray for the Pope and the Church during this time when the barque is rocked back and forth.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!