The Vision at La Storta

The Vision at La Storta

The Seattle Times reports on the Oregon Province bankruptcy situation and how Jesuit-sponsored institutions may be asked to foot the province’s bills.

I’m not in a position to talk about legal matters here, but I do want to underscore the fact that this fight may well continue for a long time.

In other countries, the religious Orders own their own schools and receive subsidies from the government and the local diocese in order to run them. In Australia, for example, the Brothers of the Christian Schools receive a subsidy from the government. Therefore, they are able to keep their schools free and at a low cost just as St. John Baptist de La Salle envisioned they would be. In the United States, however, many of these schools are private institutions due to various laws and the separation of church and state that is enshrined in the Constitution.

Another thing that interests me about this situation is that innocent people are being made to pay for the sins of a few. Not every Jesuit priest in the Oregon Province is a man who has wronged young women and men. As I have pointed out previously, many of them are men of integrity who wholeheartedly and selflessly devote themselves to the mission of educating young people and doing whatever it is that the Pope wishes them to do. Of course, there are also some greasy wheels here and there. Yet there are also many men of integrity that belong to the Society of Jesus.

I wonder what Fr. Joseph Cataldo, the founder of Gonzaga University, and one of the most promnent Jesuits in the United States would have to say about the current situation. I’m sure that he would be juts as outraged  as anyone else.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us!