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Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

Rorate Caeli dropped this bomb at some point this evening. Apparently, the entire Austrian Bishops’ Conference is in open rebellion against the Holy Father. Among other things cited by New Catholic is the claim that the choice of a popular bishop would fiercely divide the laypeople. Also, the bishops do not wish to return to a situation in which the Emperor would select the bishops.

The time for the Holy Father to act is now! In a previous post today, I mentioned a little word called an interdict. The interdict is a form of ecclesiastical censure that is used only by the Pope in extenuating circumstances. In centuries past, it was used by Pope Innocent III to bring the Holy Roman Emperor crawling back to him at the gates of Rome in order to apologize. Why the drastic measures? The reason is simple, really. An interdict means that no Mass can take places within a country or city unless reparation is made to the Pope. As mentioned in the article above, an interdict can also be viewed as an excommunication.

In my view, the Pope should not continue to let this scandal go. He needs to act and do something to put the bishops in their places. By accepting Fr. Wagner’s withdrawal, he has given in to them and their opinions. He must not give way an inch further or everything that his pontificate has accomplished will go down the drain.

No, I am not being hyperbolic or weird. I am speaking from the heart and telling you the truth. Modernism still runs uncontrolled in the Church. It reared its nasty little head at Vatican II and the Church has been suffering the consequences since then. Of course, not all of the problems within Holy Mother Church can be pinned down on this heresy of formlessness, but there are many that can. Now that Pope Benedict has begun to rebuild the Church and to put it back together stone by stone, it is time for him to stand up.

It seems to me that the events of the last several weeks including the affair with Bishop Williamson show how ticked the devil is. Yet the devil is a coward just like anybody else. He can stir whatever pot he wants, but the forces of righteousness will prevail in the end. The gates of hell shall not prevail against Holy Mother Church. That is a promise Christ gave to St. Peter.

Let us pray for the Pope in every possible way that we can! He needs God’s help NOW!

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!