O Salutaris Hostia

O Salutaris Hostia

There are many special places throughout the world in which God has chosen to manifest Himself and His ways. To the people of Israel, God manifested Himself principally at the Temple in Jerusalem. Daily sacrifices were made and God heard the prayers of His chosen people. It’s no small that Our Lord has chosen to dwell in the tabernacle of the altar and hear our prayers as well. Fr. Lasance, a great Catholic writer of the 20th century, once called Our Lord “the Prisoner of Love.”

It seems very difficult for some people to realize that Our Lord is right there in the tabernacle. Yet Our Lord is physically there and when I make visits, I can feel His presence. It’s not something that I can touch with my hands, but it is something that I can feel. An overwhelming peace comes over me as I pray and I stare at the tabernacle. I talked to God like I would talk to my confessor. I tell Him all that I have done wrong and all that I would like to receive from Him. And Our Lord hears me. Countless times a day, He hearkens to the voice of my cry.

Before I was Catholic, I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about when it came to Adoration. Yet I went many a time to the church attached to my university and I realized that Our Lord really is there. He is really there and He really wants to listen to us. He really wants us to be there and to keep Him company. How often Our Lord is not visited in His tabernacle! How often people don’t go inside and spend a minute with Him! It’s a crying shame that we cannot go and visit Him, when He is dwelling there for us and to hear our prayers.

Our Lord is always present in the Most Blessed Sacrament and every Thursday is appointed for this specific devotion. In many countries and parishes around the world, Benediction and Vespers would be held on this day in honr of Our Lord’s Presence. On Corpus Christi and the Feast of Christ the King, processions would wind their way through the streets of villages, towns, and cities to proclaim that our Eucharistic King is Lord of all the earth and the heavens above the earth.

Over and over again, we have heard the sounds of the ancient hymn: “Sing my tongue, the Savior’s glory.” Yet how do we repay Our Lord for all of the good things that He has given us? When He gives Himself to us in Holy Communion, do we receive Him well? I know that there are times, when I have not spiritually cleaned my soul and received the Lord. I received countless graces, but not in the same way. It was almost like putting in five talents, when I should have put in ten.

It’s shameful that many churches close their doors on Sundays and after their morning Masses. It’s quite understandable because thieves could come in and rob it. Yet we should not be afraid to go and ring the rectory doorbell to ask Father if he can unlock the church for us to make a visit. I’m sure that the priest would be more than happy to oblige. Even if he does not, we can always visit Our Lord spiritually in our hearts and speak to Him there.

Our Lord knows and understands our needs before we even voice them. Why not go and visit Him today?

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!