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I am a subscriber to various secular magazines and I read them mostly for their book reviews. However, I recently read an article that really does merit commentary. Living in today’s culture, it is about something that has come to be viewed as an accepted fact by a great number of people. Yet it is not normal by any stretch of the word and cannot be seen as anything other than a perversion of the laws of God.

I would like to preface my commentary by telling you a story. A number of years ago, I worked at a tutoring center at a local community college in my area. I got to know a good number of my co-workers while I was there. Among them was a rather short man with military tattoos and whatever else. For all of his masculinity, it simply did not sit well with me. Something was awfully and terribly amiss. Of course, I found out that the “man” was no “man at all, but a woman that had undergone extensively hormonal treatments and become a man. I was shocked and angry that such perversity is allowed, but that was nothing compared to the article I read.

The article spoke about certain young children who play with dolls and dress up as the opposite gender. At some point before puberty, the children are given a series of hormonal shots that stult their growth. These continue for a number of years and can be reversible. Essentially, the children grow up as the gender they believe themselves to be. Even if that is not the gender in which they were created by God in His image and His likeness.

It seems to me that this is an example of hands off parenting, if nothing else. It has nothing to do with domineering fathers and passive mothers or anything else that psychology has served up in recent decades. Rather, it has everything to do with how children are raised.

Most parents in our society are very permissive with their children and allow them to do whatever they want. The child is a little god, who can do nothing wrong. Punishment is out of the question because it can be viewed as abuse if it is taken to a logical extreme. Indeed, we allow the children to work their problems on their own. We don’t own up to their behavior. They are their own people, we seem to believe, and so we let them do whatever the heck they please.

I hate to say it, but hands off parenting is not parenting at all. My parents were very strict with me and my sister. There were certain rules that were written in stone and we could not transgress them. If we did, we were punished. I don’t mean to say that my parents were bad people or that we were corporally punished. Rather, we understood that our parents wanted the best for us and that their rules go. Now that my sister and myself are adults, the situation has change since we make choices on our own. However, our upbringing was beneficial because we didn’t have to navigate through many different minefields.

It seems disturbing to me that we are looking at phases in childhood as sexual. Yes, I did put towels on my head and pretend to be a nun, when I was little. That was just something that I did with my sister. There was nothing sexual about it at all. We were just playing around. After a few days, the phase ended and I moved on to other things. The whole thing passed out of my mind. End of story.

Yet it seems to me that some of us are content to let these phases go on for years and decades. Children should be taught that they what God made them to be. God does not make mistakes with regard to gender identity and other such things. If God is omniscient and knows everything before it happens, then He foreknows each child. There is no way that mistakes can be made by anyone.

The fact of the matter is that we are not dealing with just any problem here. It’s diabolical deception. The devil wants us to believe that certain types of deviant behavior are okay and sanctioned. Fine, but we shouldn’t be the ones sitting idly by and letting children go through a life of pain and suffering. Rather, we should stand up and repossess them with cleavers. It’s time throw out the TV and anything that can harm our children. It’s time to go back to nice movies. Forget everything that the world tries to sell you. It’s rot anyway.

Let us pray for the conversion of these people, our world, and its children. Let’s pray for the end of crimes against life.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

All ye Holy Innocents, pray for us!