According to Rorate Caeli, the long awaited clarification of the Motu Proprio is currently being examined by His Holiness. This document is extremely important because it defines what “a stable group” means and about the interference of bishops in their local dioceses with regard to the implementation of the Motu Proprio.

I have not seen the document myself. Once this document is published, however, I believe that the Motu Proprio will continue to spread. In the year since the Motu Proprio came into force, I have noticed TLMs popping all over the place. From small towns in Iowa and Nebraska to Mexico, Europe, Asia, and beyond, there is a clear outcry among people of all ages for the Mass of Tradition. Clearly, we are living in extremely exciting times.

The Motu Proprio is a great document that has been given to us. With the old Indult, the problem rested chiefly with the bishops themselves. Now, any priest can say the Latin Mass and recite the old Latin breviary. We are returning to tradition, but how long will that take? I do not know, but I pray that will be soon.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!