The Battle of Lepanto

The Battle of Lepanto

Today is the feast of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This feast was instituted due to an important naval victory that occurred in 1571. During this tumultuous year, the Turks sought to defeat the Catholics once and for all. St. Pius V called for a crusader against them and numerous Catholic kings signed up. The chief among them was Philip II of Spain and he agreed to supply a navy to fight against the Turks. This navy was to be commanded by one of his finest generals, Don Juan of Austria. Interestingly enough, Don Juan was the illegitimate son of Philip’s father, the Emperor Charles V.

The troops were urged to pray the Rosary and Our Lady wondrously interceded because the Turks were soundly thrashed. It was a great victory that resounded throughout Christendom and one about which St. Pius V heard about long before the news was ever announced to him. Many Catholic believe that the reason for this victory was the faith that the sailros and soldiers placed in the rosary.

In our own day, when so many different evils prevail throughout the world, Our Lady has called us time and time again to recite the rosary together. There have been instances when countries were almost overrun by Communists, but when women marching through the streets managed to stem the tide of this terrible illness. If God can spare countries, what would He do to the world if many people started praying the rosary daily?

Indeed, the rosary works numerous miracles in our own lives. By praying it daily, we ask for Mary’s intercession and help in our daily lives. How many times have we been relieved of some impossibility by praying this most beautiful prayer? How many times has Mary interceded for us, her children, when we were in dire need? The many miracles are numerous and there continue to be many in our world today throughout many countries in the world.

Let us pray the rosary on this feast day and let us think what its recitation teaches us about ourselves, Our Lady, and Our Lord.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!