Massacre of the Innocents by Giotto

Massacre of the Innocents by Giotto

As I have mentioned in numerous other posts, the month of October is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. Interestingly enough, the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) has called this “Respect Life” month. It is a time for us to pray for mothers and babies and anyone else that is engaged in sins against the sanctity of human life.

In Washington state, an initiative has been put on the ballot called I-1000. This initiative is sometimes called the “Death with Dignity” initiative. If this initiative is passed, it will mean that euthanasia is legalized in this particular state. We cannot allow this initiative to pass. Whether you live in Washington or not, we are all obligated to pray that God does not allow this. It is of tantamount importance because other states will also look at our initiative and decide to do the same. If any of you remember the containment policy of the Cold War, this is something similar except that we are not “containing” something. Rather, we are preventing it from making any in-roads in the public square.

We must pray and sacrifice for these next few weeks for this intention. We must educate ourselves about what it means to be pro-life and we must ask Our Lady, through the Holy Rosary, intercede for us with her Son. It has been thirty some years since Roe v. Wade was passed and yet we do not see the end of abortion. If we do not act against I-1000, we may not see the end of euthanasia either. Therefore, it is tantamount for those that live in the state of Washington to vote againist this evil and vile initiative that seeks to destroy human life and to devalue suffering of its saving graces.

It is a small wonder that we are living in a world today that disrespects life. For thirty years, we have been trying to get abortion out, but nothing has happened. If only more people would be willing to fight against it, our country will change. People are few and far between, but we must increase our efforts. It does not matter to me if you go to the abortion mills and counsel mothers or if you pray your rosary at home, you are doing something good against this great evil. Indeed, we must strive to end it.

In this election season, it is important for me to point out that Barack Hussein Obama has voted against post birth abortions. In 2003, this measure became law and yet Senator Obama did absolutely nothing. If he realized that little babies are left alone to die after they have been forcibly birthed, he may look at this measure differently. Yet he has not looked at it differently and, therefore, I cannot vote for a man that condones the death of innocent children. By his voting nay on this initiative, he has shown exactly what kind of a person he is.

Please, whatever you decide to do, choose life and may God reward you for doing so.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

All ye Holy Innocents, pray for us!