The following story was posted on WorldNetDaily several days ago. However, it is shocking enough to merit some commentary on this website.

Before I start hearing people say that what happened was an accident, I would like to say that the role of the teacher should be to supervise his students during an activity. No matter if the teacher is bored and has nothing to do. The teacher is obligated to supervise his students and this particularly applies to any level in education including that of the college and university. Clearly, something is wrong with our educational system if an educator is caught viewing “torture porn” over his laptop.

I also think that it is important here to emphasize that no person should view pornography. Yes, some of you may call me a prude or politically incorrect, but I do steadfastly believe that such images have no place in our schools or in our culture. In today’s high sexualized society, sex is sold wherever we go and we must learn to shield our eyes and our children’s eyes from it until they come to an age, where they understand what it is and how it affects us.

If anything, I say these things because I was exposed to such things as sex education at a very young age (5th or 6th grade). At that time, I did not need to know about the female anatomy and it was not necessary for me to know how certain acts among the human species are perpetuated. However, I was exposed to this and I do have to live with the consequences. This should not happen to other children, however. If sex education is taught at all in the school, it should be taught when the students have reached a mature age.

According to Blessed Jacinta Marto, more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason. If this was true ninety years ago, how much more true is it today. Indeed, we are living in a society in which sex is something that does not have any value at all. It is something that is looked on as casual and something that has no effects at all. Indeed, our “liberated” society permits almost every sexual deviance that has been around since the times of the Roman Empire.

Yet we must try to protect ourselves from this. I personally will try not to watch anything except PBS and other educational programs. After all, much of what is available on the television can be viewed as an occasion of sin. It is also important for us to keep custody of the eyes and not to look upon certain persons or things. This was something that St. Aloysius Gonzaga was castigated for because he did not look at his own mother.

It is much easier for us, of course, to do nothing and to continue doing what the rest of the world does. But at what cost? What will all of this look like in eternity? How will God look upon these things? These are questions that we must ask ourselves and learn to live with. Indeed, the most important question in our minds should be the same one that St. Aloysius posed to himself all the time, “How will this look in the light of eternity?”

Let us pray for the gift of purity and that we may be able to fight against concupiscence in our own lives. By our own example, perhaps, people and society will change.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

St. Aloysius Gonzaga, pray for us!