Madonna del Gran Duca by Raphael

Madonna del Gran Duca by Raphael

Today is the feast in honor of the Most Holy Name of Mary. It was established to commemorate the victory of Polish and Austrian forces over the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

According to the story, King Jan Sobieski of Poland rescued the Austrians from a hopeless siege by charging in at the last possible moment. Before going to battle, he had prayed at the shrine of Czestochowa and asked the Blessed Virgin’s protection for himself and his troops. Invoking the name of Mary, he and his troops went into battle and were victorious.

Indeed, it is a great privilege for us to remember that, through Mary’s prayers, Our Lord has saved the world during most perilous situation. The victory of the vastly outnumbered Polish forces is one example of this. There are also many others including the rosary crusade in Brazil, when a Communist government lost an election through the prayers of the Brazilian people and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

Let us, therefore, give thanks and always invoke the name of Mary when all seems lost. She will intercede for us.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!