It seems to me that some eople often forget how alive God is in our world today. This morning, I read some prayers in honor of a miracle-working image of the Blessed Virgin located on Mount Athos (a mountain in Greece made up entirely of Orthodox Christian monasteries).  While I reading them, I was struck by the fact that many people in our present-day culture have become so deadened to the things of God that we forget they even exist.

Miracles, whether physical healings, wonder-working images, or numerous other things, are signs that God is at work in our present day world. Perhaps, we do not hear about them every day nor think about them, but they do occur. Sometimes, the miracles are small and unnoticeable. Sometimes, they are tremendous.

I know that God has worked miracles great and small in my own life. Whether it is finding a job after months of fruitless searching or passing a seemingly impossible class, God is willing to grant us the help that we need if we are willing to trust Him. After all, we are His children. Why should we not trust that what He gives us whether good or bad is for the good of our souls?

There are times, of course, when we may wonder why God would send us a certain misfortune or problem. We often ask ourselves why God would do this to us? Yet by asking these questions we perhaps fail to understand that God will use punishments, sufferings, and numerous other experiences to help us grow and learn from our mistakes. There is no progress in the spiritual life if we do not constantly get up after we fall down. Indeed, we should not find ourselves in that position in which we sit in the same spot all of the time. It’s not a good place to be.

Therefore, let us think about the things that God has sent us during these last few days and let us thank Him for everything whether good, bad, or ugly.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Michael, pray for us!