I have often written in this blog about various people in the traditional Catholic movement as well as groups that exist within it such as the CMRI (Congregation of Mary, Immaculate Queen), the SSPX, the SSPV, Bishop Terence Fulham, Bishop Robert McKenna, Bishop Vezelis, and others.

Today, however, I would like to write about a layman that has moved through many of these circles in search of Catholic truth. As some of my readers may know, Dr. Thomas Droleskey is the author of the Christ Or Chaos website. This website was set up by him several years ago so that he could post his essays about various things going on in the Church. There are devotional articles there as well as an ongoing travelogue in which he writes about his life in an RV with his wife and young daughter. Some photographs are also included in these same travelogues about the places that he travels around the country and also in the sedevacantist movement itself.

Yet the bulk of Droleskey’s articles are concerned with such things as naturalism, modernism, and Americanism. Like many other traditional Catholic sedevacantists, Droleskey does not accept the fact that Pope Benedict XVI is the Vicar of Christ and that the Chair of St. Peter has been vacant since 1958. (Although some sedevacantists will say that Blessed John XXIII was the last true Pope and he died in 1963).

Drawing on the writings of various theologians and the great encyclicals of the Popes, Droleskey’s articles are an attempt to explain and also to condemn the many errors that exist in the Catholic Church of today. It is rather strange then to think that Droleskey himself was once in union with Rome and, over a number of years, he went through a journey that has been taken by other traditionalist Catholics (Conservative Novus Ordo, SSPX, Sedevacantism) with any number of way stations in between.

It is also interesting that Droleskey used to be a candidate on the Right to Life Party ticket and even ran again Alfonse D’Amato for his senate seat a number of years ago and garnered some 37% of the vote. Not something to sniff about, surely. Yet what has happened to him since? Why would a professor of political science who has taught at numerous colleges live an itinerant life in which he relies solely on the donations of his readers in order to feed his family?

Perhaps, the answers lie in the essays that he has written over the last few years in which the reader can trace the journey for themselves. Yet I wonder how many people like Droleskey have made this journey and have not spoken about it at all and what motivates them to do it.

I know for myself that I converted to a traditional Catholic parish because I wanted to have the Latin Mass. Over the course of the months that I attended, I came to the realization that the Roman Catholic Church was that which was in union with Rome. It was this realization and a happening I have described earlier which helped me along the road.

I think that the best thing that we can do about people such as Dr. Thomas Droleskey is not to antagonize them, but to pray for their conversion and return to the Church. Let us pray for these intentions every day.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!

NOTE: An interesting article about Dr. Droleskey can be found here.