Archbishop Thuc

Archbishop Thuc

A couple of months ago, I was listening to a fascinating interview about Archbishop Pierrre Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc. As some readers of my site will know, Archbishop Thuc consecrated a number of bishops during his final years in retirement. Among them was Bishop Moises Carmona of Mexico, who consecrated the present-day Superior General of the CMRI, Bishop Mark Pivarunas. Pivarunas, in turn, consecrated Bishops Donald Sanborn and Daniel Dolan of Ohio.

I think the following interview sheds a lot of light about Archbishop Thuc and his life during his final years. However, I would like to caution my listeners that some of the views expressed therein are extremely biased since this program is produced by Feeneyite traditionalists at Most Holy Family Monastery. I hope my readers understand this reservation because it has a lot to do with the contents.

I would be more than interested if any of my readers can help to corroborate some of the statements made in the interview.

Our Lady of Le Vang, Patroness of Vietnam, pray for us!

All ye Vietnamese Martyrs, pray for us!