St. John of Kronstadt (+1908)

St. John of Kronstadt (+1908)

“The end of everything on earth – of my body, of enjoyments, of dress, of all treasures is – destruction, corruption, and disappearance, but the spirit lives forever. May my soul remember this, and not grieve at the loss of anything temporal, perishable, but be zealous about eternal, impersihable matters: concerning God, concerning the fulfilment of His commandments, the unity of love, a peaceful condition, patience, temperance, chastity, self-denial, the heart’s indifference to all earthly beauties, and enjoyments, not greedy of gain (only striving to gain the Lord Himself), seeking the one thing needful; endeavoring not to imitate the crafty, and not to envy those that work iniquity. Let others take away your dross – do not mind this ad do not be exasperated of it.”

From “My Life in Christ” by St. John of Kronstadt (Jordanville, NY: Holy Trinity Monastery Press, 1994)