One of my readerrs recently wrote me and asked if I could provide a table that showed the differences between the Dominican Rite and the TLM.

I decided to post a Wikipedia article about the Dominican Rite here. I think this ought to clarify some things.

Also, I want to note that different Orders not only had their distinctive Masses, but also their own breviaries and calendars. For example, the Benedictines had their own breviary for most of their existence, which was radically different from the Breviarium Romanum that was used throughout the Roman Catholic Church before Vatican II. Note too that different orders had different calendars. For example, St. Alexis of Rome (July 17th) was not commemorated in the old Benedictine breviary because his feast fell during the Octave of St. Benedict’s feast day.

Anyway, just some interesting tidbits.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

St. Lawrence, pray for us!