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It seems to me that a week does not go by without reading about the new activities the SMMC are engaged in. Currently, the sisters will teach at St. Charles Borromeo Parish school in Spokane and will also minister at the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center (www.ihrc.net). Both of these ministries reflect what they have done in the past at Mt. St. Michael as teachers and in their numerous other capacities.

Yet for all of this good news and the redesigned website (www.sistersofmarymotherofthechurch.org), there always seems to be somebody out there on the internet that allows the festering sores of last year to continue to fester. An article was printed today on the traditionalist website, The Daily Catholic, about Bishop Mark Anthony Pivarunas, CMRI.

The article itself was about the bishop and it spoke very well of him. I do not have anything against His Excellency for the way that he manages things at Mt. St. Michael. However, this article does speak about the SMMC and I think that it is important for us to talk a little bit about what happened up there.

First of all, the author of this article says that the sisters who left were insurrectionists. That is not the truth. The sisters did not seek to undermine the Mt. St. Michael community by their beliefs. As Mother Kathryn Joseph noted so eloquently on “Life on the Rock” earlier this week, the sisters had hoped that others would make the journey with them.

Also, the article spews the same trash about the Roman Catholic Church that is come among traditionalists. One of them is that a Roman Catholich parish is a Masonic center. Can we just put to rest the whole Freemasonic conspiracy already? It just doesn’t hold water to me that they would have infiltrated the Council.

I also feel an element of bitterness when the author states that the nuns were apparently “clueless.” Once again, I do not believe that this was the case when they contacted Bishop Skylstad and other people in the diocese. The sisters were not clueless because they had come to realize the truth about their Catholic beliefs. Once they realized that, they couldn’t turn around and believe the opposite.

It also seems to me that the actions taken by Bishop Pivarunas at that time were nothing more than disastrous for the CMRI as a whole. Although many people will say that things still go on as usual that is not the case. Things have changed up at Mt. St. Michael and I can tell you myself that they haven’t changed for the better either. Yes, the education is still there and the children are still taught well. But things have come to a screeching halt as far as the other apostolates are concerned because therer are not enough sisters to fulfill all of their duties.

The fact of the matter is that those sisters who left Mt. St. Michael were among the most highly qualified teachers that school had. Many of them had college degrees in education, while others had been there for a long time fulfilling their duties in numerous other areas around the convent. To see these nuns maligned and gossiped about is unfair and uncharitable to them. Let’s leave them in peace and allow them to continue what they have always done so well.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Joseph, pray for us!