It has often been said that music is the language which the soul understands best. As a musical person, music has its own power and it has moved me countless times throughout my life. Whether it be a simple Bulgarian folk song or the polyphonic beauties of Palestrina, the world of music is one in which one can hear the glories and beauties of God.

Perhaps, it is fitting then that I am joining an order whose founder was a musician. St. Francis, so the stories go, used to walk around Assisi with a mandolin in his hand singing the glories of ladies in the neighborhood. After his conversion, he continued to sing. His “Canticle of the Creatures” is is one of the most beautiful hymns ever created to honor God and His creation.

Therefore, I would like to share with you a piece of music that speaks to me. It is called “Metamorphosis 2” and was composed by the American composer, Philip Glass. It is an arrangement of a piece called “Houston Skyline” that can be found on the soundtrack of the movie “The Thin Blue Line.” It is a piece that I first heard when I visited Boston a long time ago. It’s fragility and sadness remind me of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 and yet there is something more there. Do any of you, dear readers, know what it is?