In the quiet of a summer morning, one’s thoughts may turn to the mysterious ways in which God works in one’s life. In a way, the morning is that time when we can think about what God has done for us and what we can do for Him. It is a time for prayer and meditation, a time for quiet contemplation and thoughtfulness. Even if that feeling of quiet does not stay with us fro the rest of the day, it will remain with us.

As I have said before, God speaks to us in silence. Most of the time, we do not hear His voice because we are too preoccupied with other things. At other times, the world itself tries to silence His voice in us. We may be too preoccupied to even listen, but God speaks in a thousand different ways.

St. Francis was able to recognize God in all of His creation. Every person was his brother or sister as was every inanimate object. Like many other saints, Francis recognized our interdependence on each other. We depend on each other for so many different things that it is impossible to imagine a life in which we are removed from others. Yet those other are the very people that we are called to serve in whatever way God calls us to serve Him.

That call is too found in silence. In the silence of a church or on a summer morning, every day God calls us to listen to Him and to change our lives. Every day, we are asked by Him to practice charity and to acknowledge our dependence on Him. Have you listened? Have you answered the call?