I received my packet of information today from the Franciscans and filled out their questionnaire. There weren’t any scary questions on it from what I recall. They just wanted to know about my interests, what I see myself doing as an apostolate, and so on. When I send it back, I will have to wait and see what they say.

I also recently received some books that I had left in Los Angeles years ago when I lived there. My three volume Shakespeare set was returned to me and I opened up the sonnets looking for one that I frequently recited to myself during my nervous breakdown. It’s strange, but it was a sonnet that directly reflected my state of mind during that time in my life. At least, the first part did.

When I re-read it last night, I realized how appropriate the second set of seven lines were. Things have turned around since then and things have changed greatly. And, as the Bard wrote so well, “I would gladly exchange my place with kings.”