The following article was printed on Newsweek’s website (http://www.newsweek.com/id/98527). As I have noted before, I don’t lend any credence at all to the Medjugorje apparitions. Like the Bishops in Bosnia and the Vatican, I’m taking a wait and see attitude towards all of this. Until the Vatican declares that these apparitions that have taken place over 20 years are worthy of belief, then I will believe them.

The article itself is interesting because it reminds me of what happened to so many other visionaries that saw Our Lady over the last couple of centuries. One of the stories concerns Sr. Lucia, who was once asked if Our Lady wore perfume. Sr. Lucia smiled and said something to the effect that Our Lady never wore perfume. There are other stories like this. If you read Abbe Francois Trochu’s biography of St. Bernadette, you will get some ideas of how outrageous they can be.

Yet it seems to me that Medjugorje is somewhat of a craze in the United States. Attending a local Marian-Eucharistic conference, I was struck by how many books have been published about the apparitions. They have galvanized a large sector of the Catholic population. Pilgrimages go there every year.

Anyway, I thought that the article was interesting because it shows how contemporary visionaries are treated. Perhaps, it might add some more insight to your understanding of Medjugorje and the apparitions there.