According to this article ( from the Fathers at (a traditionalist news outlet), Bishop Williamson is not happy with the decisions that were/are being made by Bishop Fellay. He believes that if the SSPX were to acknowledge the fact that it has been in schism from Rome in the last twenty years and stays in schisn, then it would probably be a very good thing. This would mean a great deal of clarity, Bishop Williamson says.

A few months ago, Bishop Williamson’s anti-Semitic comments made the rounds of various Catholic websites and blogs. It seems to me that if the SSPX letter to Rome is satisfactory, then Williamson may split from the SSPX and take a group of believers with him. If that happens, it would be nothing more than a repitition of history. After all, the SSPV split from the SSPX as did Bishop Dolan (then a priest) and Fr. Cekada because of their sedevacantist views.

All of this seems to confirm my view that the traditionalist movement is in constant danger of fracturing along various lines.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!