Here (, you can read a recent article that was posted in The Topeka Capital Journal, which states that the SSPX has rejected the offer that was made by the Vatican. Like the blog “Rorate Caeli” reported several dyas ago, this article was based off an article that was printed in “Il Giornale” earlier in the week.

It is interesting, however, to see that Bishop Fellay has been opposed to the Vatican’s promises for quite sometime. Apparently, he believes that the Vatican is trying to shut him up by asking him to agree to the conditions. There is absolutely nothing of the sort to be found in the conditions themselves. The only thing that Ecclesia Dei has specifically asked the SSPX is that it not create a Magisterium that is opposed to the Magisterium of the Vatican. I’m certain that this is what provoked the impassioned reply from Bishop Fellay.

As I have noted before, the time is extremely favorable for a reconciliation between both sides on this issue. Since Benedict XVI is a pope that is renowned for his work with the SSPX in the past, it makes that progress towards some kind of reunion be made during his pontificate. Alas, we are still in the lurch as to what Bishop Fellay has actually sad.

Therefore, we must continue to pray for him and the SSPX. In the meantime, enjoy the article.