It seems to me that the news about the Transalpine Redemptorists is proof that the Pope’s Motu Proprio is working to a greater or lesser extent. It will now be interesting to see what other groups decide to regularize with the Vatican.

Of the major traditionalist groups, the SSPX would probably be the catalyst for others to regularize with Rome. As we have seen recently, however, this has been problematic. For the most part, the SSPX leadership could lose a considerable amount of support if it decides to seek union with the Holy Father and the Vatican. There could also be severe financial problems for the SSPX as well, but the sacrifice would be well worth it. After all, Rome is offering the SSPX a prelacy if they choose to accept the conditions that were laid out by Ecclesia Dei and Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos.

It seems to me, however, that the sedevacantists may have a harder time regularizing than most other groups which believe in the Pope. The sedevacantists, as some of you may already know, do not believe that there is a Pope in Rome and that Pope Benedict XVI is an anti-Pope who is using the Vatican to promote a One World Government and a One World Church. If this thinking has hardened the way that it has over forty some odd years, then it will be a miracle indeed if sedevacantists regularize. This is why I see the SMMCs as such an important group because they show that sedevacantists can regularize and believe in the Vatican.

The sedevacantist organizations then would be difficult to convince, but so would the independent priests that can be found in almost any diocese in the United States. These priests are not subject to an Ordinary (Bishop) or a religious order and, therefore, they can pretty much function on their own. Of course, they cannot entire function on their own because they do need a bishop to confirm their parishioners. However, they still are independent. It will be interesting to see if any independent traditionalist priests have regularized with Rome. I would be very interested in hearing or reading the stories.

If anything, then, the current situation should be a call to us for prayer and penance. Pope Benedict is doing good work, but the road is very long and we have tons of other things to do before the Church is completely united and breathing with both lungs.

As a pious saying goes, “More things are accomplished in this world by prayer than anything a man can do.”

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Pius X, pray for us!

Ven. Pius XII, pray for us!