Our Lady of Vladimir, Patroness of Russia

According to a report printed on TV NZ’s website (http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/536641/1883495), the Vatican and Moscow are currently conducting discussions over several issues that have been considered pressing on both sides for the last several years.

The Moscow Patriarchate, one of the largest Orthodox patriarchates in the world, is concerned about Catholic missionaries proselytizing a pre-dominantly Orthodox country. It would like to discuss this issue with Rome.

The same report also states that the Moscow Patriarchate will continue its ecumenical discussions with Rome. Albeit this could be to the detriment to some rather ultra-conservative elements within the Patriarchates. As the Patriarch notes, all of these issues will be discussed by the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church at their annual meeting this summer.

Finally, President Lukashenko has issued an invitation for Pope Benedict to visit Belarus. If the Pope does visit Belarus, this could very well be a historic visit because no Pope has ever set foot in any part of the former Soviet Union.

Therefore, let’s continue to pray for the conversion of Russia.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

St. Andrew the Apostle, pray for us!

Sts. Vladimir & Olga, pray for us!