Writing content for a blog is never easy. It can be difficult sometimes to come up with the appropriate subject matter or even with words that are appropriate for said subject matter. I wonder, too, how beneficial this site is to my readers and what I can do to change it around. I’m sure that some of you are getting tired of my writing about traditionalist groups on this website and more devotional materials here and there. I most certainly can try to strike a balance.

Also, please note that I have absolutely nothing against traditional Catholics or their bishops. Indeed, I was received into the Catholic Church by one of these last year and I am indebted to him for the foundation that he gave me in the Faith. However, I came to the realization that I couldn’t be in schism and away from the Vatican for the rest of my life. It was not simply a matter of wanting to go back. It came, more or less, as a direct order.

As I have noted elsewhere on this website before, I am simply trying to state my opinions about things that I see in the press or on other blogs. If it centers around traditional Catholics, then it centers around traditional Catholics. I don’t mean to bash anybody or make anybody look bad. I’m just pointing out the problem and stating it as it is. I know some of my readers may not like it, but I’m saying it right here and right now.

I would like to add that if some of you don’t want to read this website, you have the right not to read it at all. After all, you are free to make whatever choice you believe is the best in this regard. I will not be offended by this. Not at all.