Pope at Park East Synagogue, New York

While surfing the internet today, I read about the Motu Proprio being a trap and that the Catholic Church is the One World Church. I know as well as anybody else that none of this stuff is true. Quite frankly, ecumenism has been grossly misunderstood by many different people including myself. I see nothing wrong with people of different faiths collaborating together to do good in the world. After all, Christ didn’t turn the Samaritans away, did He?

It also seems to me that many people have also misunderstood the meaning of “inter-religious dialogue.” Inter-religious dialogue does not necessarily mean that we are seeking unity with all other religions. Rather, it means exactly what it says. After all, Catholics do talk with people of other religions all the time. My workplace is filled with them and I do talk to them. I may not go and preach Catholicism from the rooftops, but I don’t hide it under a lampstand either. In fact, I do my spiritual reading there and I haven’t heard anything from anybody.

Yet while Catholics are not allowed to attend any services that are not Catholic, I do believe that we have a right to dialogue with others. The thing is that the Church is a city set on a hill and we cannot hide Her no matter how much we try. It simply is not possible and it makes absolutely no sense

Yet many traditionalist Catholics believe that the Vatican erred in the 1960s and that things went south ever afterwards. Not only that, but that certain Vicars of Christ were actually the antichrist incarnate, etc. All of this is a bunch of garbage to me. Yes, the Church did go through some rough time in the last 40 some odd years. In fact, we are still trying very hard to sort this whole mess out and to deal with all of the damage that has been done. Yet in a world where there is no stability, where Truth is relative, and the culture of death runs rampant, we must try and help those in other religions as well as to convert them.

Believe me, conversions to the Catholic Church are not as easy to come by as they once were, but we must pray for them and ask God to lead people to the Church through the ecumenical movement. We cannot simply sit idly by and do nothing.

On another note, we should also pray for the conversion of those that have found themselves outside of the Catholic Church. Remember, miracles can happen and things can change. Just read my posts from yesterday.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!

St. Anthony of Padua, pray for us!

St. William, pray for us!