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It seems to me that one can never read too many books about Marian apparitions. The appearance of Our Lady at Fatima is probably the most famous of them all and there have been hundreds of books written on this apparition ranging from Sr. Lucia’s own memoirs of the events to the writings of Fr. De Marchi and Francis Johnston’s excellent “Fatima: The Great Sign.”

However, this slim book by William Thomas Walsh is probably one of the best representations of what actually happened in Fatima. As a historian, Walsh is able to portray the main characters of this story and allow them to live in the pages. We are not simply reading how Our Lady appeared to three children. Rather, we are there with them and hearing the words that Our Lady spoke to them.

Also of importance is Walsh’s emphasis on the historical background of the period. His sketches of life in a Portuguese village, the tremendous battles waged between good and evil over the course of the First World War, as well as life in Portugal after the Revolution of 1910 are able to show us a period of time in our history that necessitated heavenly intervention. 

In all, this is a book that is not to be missed despite its age.

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